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  1. Removable Tray in Rectangular and Triangular Box
  2. Stainless Steel Hinges & Fasteners
  3. Heavy Duty Fiberglass Construction
  4. Ultra-Violet White Stabilized Gel Coat Finish
  5. Reinforced Lid Strong Enough to Sit On
  6. Large Sizes

These quality boxes have been used for many applications including
  • TRASH BOX: Store bagged trash and garbage until disposal, keeping smells out of the house or garage and omitting the worry of pesky dogs, cats, raccoons, etc.

  • TOOL BOX: Used on construction sites.

  • POOL BOX: Keep cleanig supplies, pool chemicals or all those toys that litter the pool area.

  • DOCK BOX: Stash all your excess boating tools, skis, and miscellaneous gear.

  • DECK BOX: Keep lawn chairs, cushions, and games out of the way until you are ready to use them.

  • FIREWOOD BOX: Keeps dry firewood close to the house without the hassle of tarps and plastic sheets and know that no animal will nest in your woodpile.

  • JET SKI & SNOWMOBILE TRAILER BOX: Mount on the front oftrailer to store spare gas cans, tools, life jackets, etc. that you need on your outings.